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RivalHealth Provides Personalized Fitness Solutions To Drive Employee Engagement, Energy And Excellence

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"Fitness" Is The Most Important Part of "Wellness"

  • Everyone Has A Fitness Level That Can Be Measured Even After Their Target Weight Is Achieved

Not everyone has a chronic health problem; fitness provides an opportunity for continued health improvement

  • Fitness Addresses the Root Cause of Health Problems AND Offers A Solution

Fitness reflects your exercise and nutrition habits - the driver behind the daunting issues facing our society and it goes beyond weight to improve your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health

  • Fitness Engages Everyone: The Fit and Unfit

Pedometers and biggest loser contests focus on short-term weight loss, not long-term lifestyle change. By focusing on fitness, everyone engages and the fit lead the unfit - why not leverage their strengths to help others?

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RivalHealth's Solutions: At A Glance

  • Everyone Receives Their Own Personalized Virtual Trainer and Nutritionist Ensuring Success
  • Deployable Anywhere With Content Delivery through Email, Web, Mobile And DVD Platforms
  • Teams And Challenges Provide Fun, Competition, Camaraderie And Long-Term Results
  • All User Data Is Encrypted Ensuring That Your Private Information Stays Private
Rival Fusion Fitness Plans Are Perfect for Companies Rival Fusion Fitness Plans Are Perfect for Schools Rival Fusion Fitness Plans Are Perfect for Universities Rival Fusion Fitness Plans Are Perfect for Families and Individuals