RivalHealth, Through Our Rival Fusion Platform, Provides Individualized Fitness Solutions To Drive Employee Engagement, Energy And Excellence  

"Fitness" Is The Most Important Part of "Wellness"

  • Everyone Has A Fitness Level That Can Be Measured Even After Their Target Weight Is Achieved

Not everyone has a chronic health problem; fitness provides an opportunity for continued health improvement

  • Fitness Addresses the Root Cause of Health Problems AND Offers A Solution

Fitness reflects your exercise and nutrition habits - the driver behind the daunting issues facing our society and it goes beyond weight to improve your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health

  • Fitness Engages Everyone: The Fit and Unfit

Pedometers and biggest loser contests focus on short-term weight loss, not long-term lifestyle change. By focusing on fitness, everyone engages and the fit lead the unfit - why not leverage their strengths to help others?

RivalHealth's Solutions: At A Glance

  • Everyone Receives Their Own Personalized Virtual Trainer and Nutritionist Ensuring Success
  • Deployable Anywhere With Content Delivery through Email, Web, Mobile And DVD Platforms
  • Teams And Challenges Provide Fun, Competition, Camaraderie And Long-Term Results
  • All User Data Is Encrypted Ensuring That Your Private Information Stays Private