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Julie Palmer

What to ask before your first biometric event


If you are planning to host your first biometric screening you may want to ask these important questions first. You are in luck because I happen to be great friends with Meredith Harper, Executive Account Manager for Synergy Wellness, a company that provides biometric screening services and is based out of Atlanta GA. Meredith and Christa Williams, CEO of Synergy Wellness answered some pressing questions that should help you to navigate your first biometric event. 


1. As experts in the field, what incentives do you see being offered that result in the most participation? "In our experience, financial incentives have always produced the best results at getting participation. Whether it’s a discount on premiums, a gift card or paid time off the old adage money speaks louder than words seem to apply, even to wellness.  We have also found that building a relationship with the participants, earning their trust and respect and gaining credibility has also helped to increase and maintain participation. Positive word of mouth helps to bring in the participants that are on the fence about participating."

2. What are people’s biggest fears? Is it the needle itself, fear of privacy, or their company knowing their personal health information? "It’s really a combination of all these things. Some are afraid the company will punish them or even fire them if they are unhealthy. Some are afraid of the needle, or the sight of blood. Some are even afraid to find out that something might be wrong with them. This is why our staff and the relationship we build is so important. We by no means should be taking the place of routine physical with a doctor but many times we are the closest thing many of our participants get to a regular checkup. We take that responsibility very seriously." 

3. With this fear in mind how can you make the biometric event more fun? "One thing we do is play music. It changes the atmosphere and helps relax the participants. It also serves as white noise to help protect privacy as well.  Another strategy we use to make it more fun and even foster a little friendly competition is the use of our custom report card. It lays out results in a grade format that everyone is familiar with. It is less intimidating than a bunch of numbers on a paper that people don’t understand.  We even find that participants compare their scores with each other and work harder to beat their friends at the next screening."

4. What is the benefit of knowing the health of your company? "Knowing the health of your workforce is a key part of any successful wellness program. You have to know where the problems are before you can begin finding solutions. As an example, if your workforce has an issue with blood pressure you can tailor your wellness program to address it. Healthcare costs are always on the rise. If you can improve your company’s overall health even just a little it can help slow rising health care costs, improve production, increase morale and save the company a lot of money. Not to mention, it could save someone’s life."

Great information ladies. Thanks for sharing your expert advice. For more information contact RivalHealth


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