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Julie Palmer

The holiday season can be brutal when it comes to health and wellness, yet a critical time for your employees to thrive. Employees often push his or her personal well-being off during this time of the year due to hectic schedules and stress. Your employees are working over to satisfy year end needs, meet deadlines, and prepare for 2016. This means more time at the office, more stress, less sleep, less time with family and friends, and less time spent on personal well-being. If you want to improve work-life balance during the holidays check out these tips. 

Workplace wellness during the holidays

1. Provide extra health tips during the holiday months. This may seem elementary; however, awareness is the key. By proving these tips, not only do you show that you care but you also bring wellness to top of mind. Just the frequent reminders may help your staff make better choices.

2. Host healthy holiday parties. Everyone loves an office party. How hard would it be to have your event catered with healthy food? Or if you are doing a pot luck challenge your staff to bring their favorite healthy holiday dish. And to top it off, send the team home early that day for a little R&R. 

3. Give time off. These days some companies are giving as little as a day or two off around Christmas. This is simply not enough time to decompress, spend quality time with family and friends, and rest and refresh for the upcoming year. You realize that the US is the least "giving" when it comes to time off compared to other countries. Heck, France MANDATES a minimum of 30 paid days off per year. We need to take better care of our employees and there is no better time than around the holidays. 

4. Engage with your staff and let them know his or her well-being is important to the company. If year end is a busy time for your company make sure to check in with those putting in extra time. Be aware of increased stress levels, exhaustion and long hours. If you are getting emails from an employee in the wee hours of the night, let them know it can wait until morning. Remind them of the importance of a good nights sleep. If the same employee is still in the office night after night when you leave, check in with them. Maybe there is some work that can wait or be delegated to others so he or she can go home on time and be with family. Engaging this way will let your staff know that you care about their well-being and that your expectations for them are to take care of themselves. 

By implementing these tips, your staff will appreciate working for your company and be more engaged in his or her work. 

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