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Julie Palmer

 Tags: fitness tips

For you frequent fliers, I understand the challenges around having normalcy in our day-to-day schedules when we're always on the go. Two days away, 4 days at home, different time zones, climate changes, hours spent in the car and/or in airports, eating on other people’s schedules, it is endless. Although traveling may disrupt some areas of life, it doesn’t have to keep you from staying fit. Compiled below are 5 tried and true ways to eat right and exercise even when your schedule is forever on the move.



  1. Find a grocery store. If you are traveling by car, hit the grocery store before you leave and stock up on healthy snacks and light meals. You will need to pack a cooler. AO Coolers are known for their affordability, ergonomic shapes, and length of time food stays cold. If you are traveling by plane, once you hit the ground, ask your Uber driver to pull into the nearest grocery store. Nearly all hotel rooms are equipped with refrigerators these days. Items such as premade salads, yogurts, granola, chopped veggies, rice crackers, nuts and seeds, fruit, and bottled water prevent you from having to eat every meal out as well as allows you to keep a snack in your briefcase for in between or missed meals.
  2. Get a good pair of minimalistic athletic shoes. Packing bulky shoes is a pain; however, minimalistic shoes are lightweight and compact. I personally love the Merrell Trail Glove for its comfort and support. They take up very little space in a suitcase and can even fit in my briefcase if needed.
  3. Know which hotel chains have a good gym. Hotel gyms have come a long way! Many of them are fully equipped with cardio machines, free weights, kettle bells, yoga mats, and resistance bands. Find the chain you like and stick with it. For the price, I like Hyatt Place. It is a boutique style hotel with a spacious well-equipped modern workout room, typically with a pool and hot tub to boot. I can tell that the fitness junkies have already discovered it because when I show up at 5:30am there are always several people getting their sweat on for the day. Also, some hotel chains offer a workout-in-a-bag. You simply call the front desk and they deliver a bag with everything you need to get a workout done in your room! Now that is catering to those who take their health seriously.
  4. Stay on your regular sleep schedule. Nothing spells missing your workout more than a late night spent working. If at all possible, schedule your meetings and dinners for a time that allows you to get to bed at your regular time. Studies show that a lack of sleep results in an increase in calorie intake. In addition to being hungrier, even if you do get a workout in- it will likely be lack-luster.
  5. Keep your workout clothes packed. Have a couple sets of workout clothes for travel only. When you get home from a trip wash them and put them right back into your suitcase. This way, when you are rushing to pack, there is no chance you will forget.



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