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Still not convinced your company needs a wellness program? Here are 10 reasons why having one is a great idea:

It’ll save you big on health care costs.

The main reason companies invest in wellness programs is to cut health care costs—and for good reason. Studies show that health care costs drop $3.27 for every $1 you spend on wellness.

It will reduce absenteeism.

Companies lose billions to absenteeism every year. Absenteeism costs an average of $2,650 a year for each salaried employee. But corporate wellness programs help you combat absenteeism. Seventy-eight percent of employers see lower absenteeism costs after launching wellness programs.

And presenteeism, too.

Presenteeism may be even more costly than absenteeism. According to some experts, companies lose two to three times as much money due to presenteeism than they do to direct health care costs. Wellness programs prevent the minor and major health conditions that contribute to presenteeism, like arthritis, colds, migraines and back pain  as healthier employees are more resistant to these conditions.

It will reduce turnover.

Wellness programs increase employees’ commitment to their employer. Forty-five percent of employees say their wellness program is a key reason they stay with their current employer.

It will improve morale. 

Seventy percent of employees say wellness programs have a positive impact on company culture. Wellness programs give employees a common goal and opportunities to socialize, fostering camaraderie.

It will help you attract the best talent.

Today’s job candidates expect companies to provide wellness programs. Having a comprehensive program with enticing incentives can make your company more attractive to top talent. Plus, a wellness program can act as good press for your organization. Sixty-seven percent of employees at companies with wellness programs say they’d recommend their employers to others.

It will make your employees more productive.

Healthy employees are more energetic and efficient than those who aren’t fit. Fifty-nine percent of employees say participating in a wellness program has made them more productive.

And even reduce their stress.

Exercise is a wonderful stress-buster. It’s been proven to improve mood and increase resistance to stress.

It’ll make your facility a nicer place to work.

Wellness programs tend to have a spillover effect on the facilities where they’re implemented. They can lead to healthier food in the cafeteria, exercise balls and standing desks in the offices, and a positive buzz of activity around the building as employees get outside to walk or bike.

It’s something great you can do for your employees.

But perhaps the best reason to have a wellness program is that it will bring your employees lasting health benefits. They work hard for you: Why not do something for them (that will lower your costs at the same time)?


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