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For the first time in history, school wellness is a taking a seat on the back burner to make room for the influx of rigorous academic lessons.  Don’t get me wrong, academics should be the primaryfocus in schools, but aren’t we also trying to develop well-rounded students that will thrive now and in their future? We want our students to develop into intelligent, responsible, respectful, independent, socially-aware and physically healthy individuals.

By shifting our focus away from school wellness, we are neglecting one of the core components that make up a well-rounded student—physical health.

Focusing on students’ physical health doesn’t require a full-fledged P.E. program or an entire extra hour of recess, in fact, it only takes five minutes a day.  Five minutes is the time it takes to complete an energy break-- a quick physical and mental break from academic lessons where students stand beside their desks and complete simple exercises.  Designed to boost lagging energy and concentration levels through physical activity, energy breaks are a fun way to get students moving and thinking about physical activity every day!

3 ways physical activity is a saving grace for students and teachers:
1. Creates a healthier school environment
2. Instills healthy habits
3. Students and teachers inspire one another

Creates a healthier school environment

Physical activity in classrooms creates a healthier school environment by overhauling the school’s culture surrounding health and fitness.  When students and teachers are more active in classrooms, even if it’s only for a five-minute energy break, there’s an inevitable shift to focus more on physical activity.

Physical activity creates healthier school environments by:

  • Increasing productivity
  • Decreasing absenteeism
  • Creating a more health conscious faculty and student-body

Instills healthy habits

Taking time for daily energy breaks in classrooms is the perfect opportunity to instill healthy habits in students at young age, while promoting healthy lifestyles for all!

Not only will students begin to prioritize physical activity, but also begin recognizing the value of self-preservation.  When students (and teachers) participate in energy breaks they will create a sustainable habit of daily physical activity!

Students and teachers inspire one another

Students model their behavior after adults and often consider teachers a positive role model.  When students see their teachers eating junk food, drinking soda and remaining sedentary throughout the school day, they will view that behavior as the norm.

However, if teachers set a healthy example, students will follow.  If teachers bring fruit and veggies for snack and sip on water throughout the day, students will be motivated to model that behavior.  Likewise, if teachers see their students engaging in healthy behaviors each day, they will be motivated to stay on-track.  With 20 little mouths kindly reminding their teacher about the classroom’s daily energy break, teachers will be creating a healthier environment and reiterating the importance of physical activity.

Focusing on physical activity in classrooms creates a positive and healthy environment for both students and teachers.  It instills healthy habits in students at a young age and results in students and teachers motivating one another to stay active! Although it may not seem like much, a daily classroom energy break is the perfect way to get students and teachers moving more!


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RivalHealth is a fitness-based wellness platform that engages employees with daily exercise and nutrition activities and sustains engagement through social interaction, challenges, incentives and outcomes.