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Julie Palmer

What is at a gym that motivates people to act in a healthy manner? Duh. Exercise equipment right? Well, maybe- but that is not the only thing! There are also like-minded people, a healthy upbeat environment, trainers and sales staff, and a place to socialize and distress.

Although not everyone at the gym has the same fitness or weight goal, they are all there to improve their health. Spending time with people who have similar goals is motivating. Think about it. How many times have you dragged yourself to the gym because you promised a friend you would be there (even though it was the last thing on Earth you felt like doing), and ended up having a great workout, had more energy and even a good time? The gym is a motivating environment. There is no denying it.

The gym is also a visually healthy environment. People are exercising, drinking water, sipping smoothies, listening to upbeat music, and socializing with friends. You would likely never see, at the gym, someone eating a Big Mac, drinking a soda, or big bowl of candy sitting at the front desk. These things are simply unacceptable at a gym and most would never even consider it.

And just how often do you see someone stressed out at the gym? Do you notice any angry people having a heated conversation on their cell phone? How about people slamming doors? It would be an unusual sight, right? Most people are stress free while they are at the gym, taking any frustrations out on the gym equipment or forgetting about their frustrations all together because they are producing endorphins and feeling high on life.


So why can’t we make the office feel more like the gym? How hard would it be to create a healthy upbeat environment? Get rid of the junk and set out the fresh fruit and granola bars. Why not create a work free zone where employees can go refresh and rejuvenate? It doesn’t have to be a workout room, but it could be a place with music, healthy snacks, comfortable chairs, and maybe even a treadmill. Find your wellness champions and natural leaders and encourage them to “sell” healthy behaviors around the office. Encourage teams to participate in healthy behaviors, like-minded people will naturally find each other. And most importantly, encourage people to move. Set an example by moving yourself. Employees who take time out to stretch, walk, and even do a short lunchtime workout will be less stressed, more productive and happier healthier employees. Can you create the motivational gym environment in your office?

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