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Julie Palmer

Do your employee engagement activities have a champion?

So, you’ve invested in a corporate wellness solution. Nice work! But do you have a wellness champion to drive it? There is no doubt companies that have a person dedicated to the health of its employees are more successful than those that do not. In 2012, a Gallop survey determined 85% of U.S. employers with more than 1000 employees offer a wellness program; however, only 60% of employees know their company offers a wellness program and worse yet, only 40% of the employees that are aware of it actually participate in the wellness activities.

A person dedicated to the health of your employees can be the difference between a good wellness solution and a great one. He or she can act as a cheerleader and an advocate, helping to clearly communicate program details, answer questions, and encourage teams to work together. You don’t have to have a full-time position dedicated to this role, but you do need the right person and dedicated time to spend on such an important project. So who makes a good wellness champion? An employee who is passionate about his or her own health is a good place to start. Most people, who enjoy being fit, enjoy helping others get fit and planning the activities need to engage employees with wellness. It is also important to choose someone who has strong leadership qualities like a good communicator, someone personable, and approachable.

The right combination of a user driven wellness program and a wellness champion gives you a much better chance at saving healthcare costs, improving productivity, and employee morale. Likely the reasons you invested in the first place. It also ensures that more than 40% of your employees will know you have a wellness program! Wink wink.

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Employee Engagement Activities need to be championed



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