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Workplace Corporate Wellness- Make Your Workplace Healthier…and Keep it That Way!wellness is more popular than ever and you don’t want to miss out! Kicking off a corporate wellness program isn’t the hard part, but sustaining the newfound healthy changes can be.  Most corporate wellness plans fall short in terms of sustainment because companies aren’t familiar with how to do so.

So, how do you make your workplace healthier and keep it that way?

 First things first, you have to make the workplace healthier!

  • Invest in a wellness program that focuses on physical activity and proper nutrition

o   Choose a program that applies to all employees- both unhealthy and              healthy

o   Programming should be individualized, realistic and sustainable—programs      cannot be one size fits all because every employee has a different fitness      level!

  •  Create a cultural change
o   Offer healthy alternatives in vending machines or remove them altogether
o   Don’t offer cookies and junk food in meetings- instead provide fruit, veggies and water
o   Provide bike racks
o   Encourage walking breaks in the morning and afternoon for an energy boost
o   Have meetings standing up or go on a “walking meeting”
o   Institute the “No Dumping Rule”- no dumping leftover treats and goodies in the break room! This will cut down on temptation for employees

Next, learn how to keep the workplace healthier!

  • Don’t implement a program that will lose its “hype” after a month—choose a program that starts with small changes that employees can sustain
  • Choose a handful of employees who will be “Wellness Warriors”—leaders who will be in charge of motivating, encouraging and holding a small group of employees accountable!
  • Continue to walk the talk- don’t revert to old ways! Choose to live a healthy lifestyle both at home and at work! Encourage your coworkers to do the same!
o   Install water jugs in the office
o   Provide healthy snacks in the break room
o   Keep a piece of fruit at your desk and remove the candy dishes!

About Us

RivalHealth is a fitness-based wellness platform that engages employees with daily exercise and nutrition activities and sustains engagement through social interaction, challenges, incentives and outcomes.