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Creating a healthier workplace takes a little effort and a lot of commitment.  Overhauling your workplace to be healthier isn’t as daunting as it may seem if you stick to 3 easy steps.

Three ways to create a HEALTHIER workplace are:

  1. Beautify stairwells
  2. Revamp vending machines
  3. Promote healthy lifestyles

Beautify Stairwells

Unfortunately, it’s more convenient and easier to take the elevator instead of stairs.  Elevators usually greet us immediately when we enter a building and are a quick, effortless trip to our destination.  Stairways are often neglected because they’re located far from the entrance or in a location unknown to the majority of employees and/or they are dark, dingy and unpleasant.  As an organization, have a team-building project to beautify the stairwells!  Hang up artwork or motivational signs in the stairwell, install lighting and/or carpet to make it more aesthetically pleasing.  Place signs directing people to the stairwells and make a point to take the stairs yourself! Next time you and a colleague are leaving, invite him or her to take the stairs with you—it’s an easy way to burn calories and get more active!

Take Control of Vending Machines

Easily accessible vending machines at work is often the downfall to many people’s attempts of eating healthy each day.  Vending machines predominantly contain junk food, soda and all other snacks that sabotage our diets.  By removing vending machines or replacing them with healthy snacks and water, employees won’t be as tempted to pig out on junk food when their hunger creeps in!

Promote Healthy Lifestyles

Employees need to feel encouraged and motivated in order to pursue and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Promote healthy lifestyles at work:

  • Ban junk food at meetings
  • Offer healthy snacks and water in the break room
  • Allow employees to exercise over lunch or take a walking break in the afternoon
  • Have showers on-site
  • Invest in a bike rack for bicycle-commuters
  • Invite a coworker to join you on a “walking” meeting instead of a traditional sit-down meeting!

About Us

RivalHealth is a fitness-based wellness platform that engages employees with daily exercise and nutrition activities and sustains engagement through social interaction, challenges, incentives and outcomes.