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Weight, triglycerides, blood glucose, LDL cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI, waist circumference...all terms that may sound similar in regards to company wellness.  As a nation, we love diagnostic tests—finding out anything and everything that is wrong with us. 

We consider company wellness to be primarily screening services—HRAs or biometric screenings.  Yes, these tests can give us valuable and important information, but are they actually creating a change in health?

We test, test and test…but don’t actually do.  So, what is true company wellness? How can we spark real change?  The answer: stop testing and start doing!

Stop Testing

Most diagnostic tests tell employees what they already know—they’re unhealthy, overweight and sedentary...pre-diabetic, pre-hypertensive…they need to lose weight and make better eating choices…OR ELSE!

It’s good to be aware of all these health issues, but are they inspiring change? Are people actually taking these warning signs to heart and making a change? Some. But not all.  Not nearly enough people are using these statistics to take control of their health.

Instead of investing in a company wellness program that merely tests for health conditions and disease, why not invest in a program that does something about unhealthy behaviors?

Start Doing

Invest in a wellness program that creates real change.  An effective wellness program should address all of the following areas:

Engages all users

  • A wellness program needs to appeal to all employees—the unhealthy and the fit.  Investing in a solution that offers customized plans based on individual needs and goals is key!
  • For example, a marathoner won’t be motivated to participate in a Steps program or Biggest Loser contest.  Likewise, a couch potato will be discouraged if the program was too intense

Addresses fitness and nutrition

  • Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand.  You can’t lead a truly healthy lifestyle by exercising and refueling with McDonalds every day
  • Invest in a solution that addresses both components and make a true difference in your employees’ health!

Creates gradual, realistic, sustainable change

  • Meet each user where he or she is—a sedentary person may start out by walking for 10 minutes and drinking an extra glass of water that day
  • Gradual changes will create healthy habits that will be sustainable for every user!



About Us

RivalHealth is a fitness-based wellness platform that engages employees with daily exercise and nutrition activities and sustains engagement through social interaction, challenges, incentives and outcomes.