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Julie Palmer

Want to rock your workplace wellness program? There are a few important steps that if followed will have you and your staff dancing to the music. Don’t underestimate these simple secrets; both big and small gestures go a long way. 

                                            7 Simple Secrets to Totally Rocking Your Workplace Wellness


  1. Set a good example. If you are telling your staff to take time to exercise, to use the stairs instead of the elevator, and to schedule walking meetings, you should too. It is kind of like having kids; you can’t do one thing but expect another.
  2. Use your employees who exude wellness to your advantage. Call them out. Ask for help. Not only will they have the opportunity to share what they love with other co-workers, your recognition will make them feel important.
  3. Set the tone. If healthy employees are important to you start talking about it. Weave wellness into your new employee orientation, annual employee reviews, and PI projects. The more you talk wellness and weave it into the fabric of your organization them more top of mind it stays.
  4. Be prepared for haters. Not everyone will be thrilled about the new wellness program. It may feel a little like change and as a businessperson you know how challenging resistance to change can be. Consider this to be like any other organizational change and prepare your change managers. Get buy in from your directors, managers, and team leads first. Make sure they understand your vision for the health of your employees.
  5. Communication is key. Communicate like you would any other major investment you make in your company. If you were changing the main operating software program you use, you wouldn’t just send out an email and expect everyone to have opened it, read it, understand it. A wellness program is also an investment that you hope to get a return on- so treat it like one. Use every media source you have to communicate and keep communicating.
  6. Recognition goes a long way. When an employee does well let them know. This includes making healthy lifestyle changes. If you notice someone being active, eating a healthy snack, or taking time out to relax on their break, let them know you noticed and you are impressed. A pat on the back, a high five, or thumbs up lets your employees now you are watching and appreciate their efforts.
  7. Set a good example. Oh, that was #1. Yeah, it is no mistake that this is both first and last. Nothing says, “here are my expectations of you”, more than when you exemplify them yourself.

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