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Julie Palmer

Should you have wellness incentives involved in your employee engagement plan?

As much as you might think that simply having a corporate wellness solution is a wonderful benefit to your employees, according to recent data, it is not enough. In order to engage your employees you must reward them and the stakes are getting higher!

Employee Engagement Activities may need wellness incentives for full success

Employee Benefits News recently hosted an eye opening webinar in regard to what drives engagement. Discussed in detail was how the cost of incentives has increased from 2013 to 2014 and again in 2015. The data clearly shows that employees are saying if you want their buy-in, incentives have got to be worth more.

In 2013, 54% of companies paid more than $250 per employee for incentives. That grew to 60% in 2014 and again to 64% in 2015. Thirty three percent of you pay out between $500-$1000 and some of you are incentivizing more than $1000 per employee. It makes perfect sense. The data shows the more you offer in incentives the more you drive engagement.

But, I am wondering… what would happen if the culture of your organization was healthy? What if the expectation of your employees was to lead a healthy lifestyle? Say you only offered healthy options in your vending machines and café’ and your leadership exemplified good health. And what if you gave your employees the freedom to get up and move more or even allowed time during the day for a workout? What if the culture of your organization exuded wellness? Would this change the need to incentivize employees to participate in your wellness program or would they participate because it was the company norm?

I am not saying incentives do not work. Obviously they do and they are important. It is very generous of you to offer rewards for something that we should already be doing. I simply encourage you to think about the culture you create. This might be the best incentive yet.

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