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January is the time of the year when people decide to take control of their health and wellbeing.  You may be looking for a way to spice up your fitness routine by running...but have never run a day in your life.  No worries! Below are some tips to help you get started!

Over 40?

Consult your physician (sorry, you knew that was coming).  But seriously, if you’re over 40 years old, predominantly a couch potato, 20+ lbs. overweight or have a health risk, you need a doc’s clearance.  You’ll probably be advised to start with a run-walk program and it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Stay in ‘Zone 1’

  • Zone 1= hold a pace where breathing is effortless, you can easily hold a conversation and feel as if you could run for miles
  • Start slow: you’re going to have bad days, just accept it. Go at your own pace! 

Form a Schedule

  • Schedule your “run time” on your calendar so you have no excuses to skip!
  • View your “run time” as an appointment—you wouldn’t miss a meeting with your boss, right?  Don't cheat yourself!

Fake It ‘til You Make It

You’re going to have days when your energy is lagging, that extra bowl of ice-cream is making you cramp and each step feels like you’re wearing 40-pound ankle weights-- that’s when you fake it ‘til you make it!

  • As silly as it sounds, grinning and bearing it can instantly turn your attitude around!
  • Appreciating all you have (i.e. you are simply able to run) can turn one of your worst runs into a more enjoyable run!


Start slow. Don't cheat yourself. Run Happy.




About Us

RivalHealth is a fitness-based wellness platform that engages employees with daily exercise and nutrition activities and sustains engagement through social interaction, challenges, incentives and outcomes.