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David Cook

Day 4 with my Rival Fusion fitness plan

It's day 4 and things are going great with my Rival Fusion fitness plan. I realized that I never explained what my goals for this mission were. My main goal is to reach a Rival Rating® of 100. What is a Rival Rating®? A Rival Rating® is a patent-pending measurement system that assigns a nu

mber to an individual based on their performance in four simple exercises. The reason why the Rival Rating® is so cool is because it provides a direct indicator of how healthy and fit that I am. Besides that, this number shows where I stand in relativity to the health and fitness levels of everyone else in my age group and gender (a Rival Rating® of 100 is average). It's a pretty powerful tool. Right now I am at a 79. Why is it so low? Well one of the main reasons is that I can't, for the life of me, do an unassisted pull-up. With that in mind, another one of my goals is to be able to complete at least one unassisted pull-up. I know that in order to do a pull-up I have to lose a good amount of weight and because my main goals (Rival Rating® of 100 and accomplishing one unassisted pull-up) directly relate to weight loss, my secondary goal is lose weight. I know it is going to be tough, but I will work hard and eat well for as long as I need to in order to be able to reach my goals; I will not give up!

Here is Day 4 of My Mission To Live Fit:


As a reminder if you ever have any questions about what/how I am doing, please post them in the comments section below; I would love to talk with you about my weight loss journey.

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Day 4 - My weight loss journey with a Rival Fusion fitness plan

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