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Unless  you're stuck in a blizzard or ice storm, your body can tolerate exercise in the cold.  However, in colder weather your body and exercise routine requires more prep than it would in average temps.

  1. Bundle up
    • Lots of layers are key to exercising outdoors in cold temps- remember you can always shed layers but you can't add them!
    • Your body primarily loses heat through your head, so make sure to wear a hat to stay as warm as possible!
  2. Warm up
    • With colder temps, your body  needs more time to properly warm up
    • Take extra time to prevent injuries with dynamic stretching
  3. Bring a buddy
    • Stay safe by bringing a buddy to exercise with you-- make sure one of you has a phone
    • Always let a loved one know when to expect you back
    • Have proper identification on you at all times in case of emergency
  4. Wear reflective gear
    • Winter has less sunlight and wintry conditions make it hard for drivers to see you-- add reflective vests to your fitness apparel
    • Headlamps or knuckle lights are also great reflective accessories!
  5. Pay attention
    • Where are the snowy, icy surfaces? Pay extra attention to slippery surfaces and take smaller steps (closer to the ground) than normal!



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