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Joey DeRusso

What's one of the many other creative employee engagement ideas? An employee service project. Not only will you build a strong team, you will also positively impact the Employee engagement activities and ideas are excellent ways to give back to the communitycommunity. You would probably be surprised by your employees' hidden talents. Solicit servic ideas from your employees that deal specifically with their talent. For example, if you have a team of extremely skilled developers, have them work to help a community group build a website. If no one volunteers ideas, you can always fall back on the following three activities.

Volunteer at an Elderly Home

Give back to the people that have given us so much. The elderly have instilled their knowledge and wisdom in us; now you can show them your appreciation. This employee engagement activity will help your employees to become appreciative of where they are currently and where they are going in the future.

Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity

Of all the teamwork exercises, this is one of the strongest. With Habit for Humanity, everyone has their own jobs but all jobs lead to the same goal: building a house. What's even cooler is that at the end of your day you can actually see the difference that you have made. Sometimes you even get to meet the family that you are building the house for. How cool is that!

Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

This employee engagement activity will help to keep your employees humble and provide a way to help others at the same time! Volunteering at a soup kitchen is a rewarding experience because you literally get to help put food on someone's plate. 

Using the talent from your company to affect the community will both grow a positive image of your company and build comradery in your company. You will feel great too! Volunteer consistently and you will be amazed by the results.


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