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Joey DeRusso


Engage employees with competitive activities

Tired of employee engagement programs that don't  motivate employee participation? So are we. Haven't seen the results that you were expecting or hoping for? You're not alone. Employee engagement activities usually don't receive much engagement unless you reward performance. Distributing awards or compensation for mere participation in an event doesn't guarantee success. Why not motivate employees to achieve by offering rewards to the top three finishers in a competition? Everyone is competitive and competition brings out the best in everyone; the following three competitions are sure to get your employees engaged.

Have an Office Fitness Challenge

Challenge your employees to see who can run the most miles, do the most push-ups, finish the most hours of physical activity in a period of time, etc. See who is the "fittest employee of them all". In the end, the more fit your employees are, the more productive they will be in the workplace. Reward the top three finishers.

Have a Community Service Competition

In the last post we discussed some ideas for employee community service projects. Why not make a challenge around it. Challenge your employees to see who can do the most hours of community service in one month. Reward the top three finishers.

Have a Nutrition Challenge

The healthier your employees are, the more alert and focused they will be. Challenge your employees to bring in healthy food choices for one month. Reward the three people who bring in the most healthy food choices.


These are just three of the many office challenges that you can implement to spark employee engagement and interest. By providing a variety of competition types, you can engage more employees. Now just sit back and watch as your employees become more engaged in your company.


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