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Joey DeRusso

Employee engagement activities and ideas should be of interest to employees

An inspirational speaker can help your employees to work harder, and as far as employee engagement ideas go, there aren't many that are easier to implement. There are a few things to remember when scheduling an inspirational speaker though. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Don't Schedule Company Management as Speakers

Everyone already knows what your senior management thinks. Don't take the easy way out by inviting someone that your employees interact with daily. It won't have anywhere near the same effect as if you were to invite a fresh new face. Mix it up and try something different; you will be amazed by the amount of employees that are interested.

Find Someone Who Will Talk About Topics That Are Of Interest To Your Employees

Ask your employees what they want to learn/hear about. If it interests them, your likely to draw a big group for your event. Give your employees as much say as possible. Don't let your own wants blind you to what your employees want; the speaker that you and your employees would like to hear might be two separate things entirely.

Make The Conversation Center Around A Beneficial Topic

The goal of this employee engagement activity is, as you would expect, to engage your employees. You also want them to learn something though. If you can be strategic in the speakers that you invite, not only will your employees enjoy their experience but you will also be able to motivate them to work harder and be more productive in the workplace.


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