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Joey DeRusso

Number five on our list of do's and don'ts for employee engagement ideas is...

Don't Make Employees Uncomfortable At The Activities

employee engagement activities should not be awkard

Why? Well it's pretty simple. If you make your employees uncomfortable, the likelihood of them coming back for future activities is pretty slim. With that in mind there are three things to remember when deciding on various employee engagement activities: keep it light, keep it fun and keep it interactive.

Keep Employee Engagement Ideas Light 

Don't spend time doing things that employees don't want to do. If you want to talk about car radiators but your employees don't, you're not likely to get much interaction or employee buy-in if you choose to do so. Keep the conversation or topic for the activity on a level that doesn't require employees to think too hard about other things. The only thing they should be concerned about is growing closer to their fellow employees through various teamwork exercises.

Keep Employee Engagement Ideas Fun

No one wants to participate in something if it's not going to be fun for them. Would you? Do you enjoy having to sit through a talk on something that you don't have any interest in? Probably not, and neither do your employees. Vary the type and location of your workplace activities to achieve the greatest employee participation.

Keep Employee Engagement Ideas Interactive

We have seen that employees are much more likely to participate in an activity if it is interactive. Can you you blame them? Employees probably don't want to go to activities where they are talked at. They want to participate in something entertaining and fun that they think will benefit from. The good thing is that when your employees are interacting with each other, you are achieving your employee engagement goal too. Everybody wins!

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