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Joey DeRusso

 Employee engagement activities have some rules that you should follow

Everyone is looking for that next great idea to foster employee teamwork and employee team building. The problem is that most people have to fail before they can really find some effective employee engagement ideas. You don't have time to fail; you've got to get the best results with the lowest investment of time and money. For the next few weeks we'll be blogging about this list of "Do's" and "Don'ts" discussing a different topic in each blog. Check out the list below with corresponding blog dates and make sure you check back often to find out how to promote teamwork and increase employee engagement simply and effectively.

  1. Don't make employee engagement events mandatory - 2/19/2014

  2. Do encourage employee engagement ideas from your employees - 2/21/2014

  3. Don't use movies as a means to promote employee team building - 2/26/2014

  4. Do use activities that necessitate employee interaction - 2/28/2014

  5. Don't make employees uncomfortable at the activities - 3/3/2014

  6. Do offer outdoor activities that are away from the workspace - 3/5/2014

  7. Don't use a speech from a company executive as an employee engagement activity - 3/7/2014



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