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Julie Palmer

It's time to get real about employee engagement.

Maybe the focus shouldn't be our employee engagement activities, rather rethinking the way we manage people and work could be the key. Times are changing. Technology is evolving at lightning speed, international business is the norm, we can work from absolutely anywhere at any time, and we only need one device to do it all. With this being said, are our management styles evolving and aligning with modern business? 

I see it in my own family- my husband works for a company that manages its employees the same way they managed them back in the 1980's. Working in the office is a must, no flex time, no comprehension of what being paid a salary means, limited vacation time, no team building activities, and no perks. My son; however, works for a progressive company that prides themselves on work-life balance offering flex schedules, the ability to work from home a couple days per week, a robust wellness program with time for exercise during the day, and a nice PTO plan, as well as have a reputation for paying well. My son used to work for the same company my husband does, but just couldn't jive with the old management style, so he moved on to find a company that could align with his progressive thinking and working style. 

It's time to engage your employees with real wellness activities

Maybe your employees are disconnected because they constantly hear about the extraordinary perks of Google, Amazon, and other major corporations. They see the evolution but can't touch it or taste it. But they want it. 

The fact is, our most recent generation in the workforce, the millennials, are changing the way they want to be managed and how they execute their work. We have a choice. We can fight it creating unhappy unengaged employees or we can transition with it creating a strong workforce that is innovative, has autonomy, and enjoys a healthy work-life balance. 

So, maybe it is time to rethink your employee engagement strategy? After all not everyone has their best ideas sitting at a desk in the office between 8 and 5. 



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