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Joey DeRusso

Number two on our list of do's and don'ts for employee engagement ideas is...

Encourage Employee Engagement Ideas From Your Employees

Ideas and activities to engage your employees need their input 


Do you like to feel important? Probably. Most people do. Your employees aren't any different. If they feel like they have a say in something you will have a much higher level of success. Trust us, we've seen it happen. When administrators ask employees what they want, the activities are much more successful in terms of attendance and employee engagement.

Get Your Employees Excited About Attending

When you give your employee a say in what they will be doing they will be excited. This is awesome in more ways than one. First your employees will be able to enjoy what they were doing. They'll recommend the programs to other employees in the office and generate positive buzz around the activities. Second, your employees will become recruiters. They will talk about your programs in such a positive light that other employees will want to check out your events and see what is going on. Then they become recruiters. This leads to exponential growth in both attendance and engagement, but it only happens if you ask your employees for their activity ideas.

Keep Your Employee Activities Fresh

Fresh and Fun: the two "F"s for employee engagement. How you incorporate these two ideas is up to you, but you can start with this: use an activity calendar. For one week put a calendar in the break room with specific dates for activities. Solicit employee ideas on the calendar. If one of your employees likes one of the ideas that is already on the calendar, have them put a tally mark signifying their "vote". At the end of the week tally the votes and announce the next activity. By doing this you can guarantee that your employees will like the activities that you plan.


Remember to listen to ideas for activities from your employees!


The next idea on our list is "Don't use movies as a means to promote employee team building". Check back on 2/26/2014 to learn more.

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