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Joey DeRusso

How To Make Your Employees Your Biggest Fans With Great Employee Engagement Ideas

 Great Employee Engagement Ideas Make your employees your biggest fans

You've seen it, I've seen it, we've all seen it: happy employees. People who legitimately like their jobs, love going to work, and seem to enjoy their coworkers. And we've also all seen the exact opposite: employees who hate everything about their jobs, hit the snooze alarm multiple times in the morning, and LOATHE their coworkers. So what's the difference? Some of it has to do with the employees' personalities, but a lot of it has to do with your employee engagement ideas and what happens in the workplace.

Let's go through two examples of two different hypothetical people, Bob and John, in two very different hypothetical situations, Company X and Company Y. 

Meet Bob

Bob is a middle-aged gentleman who works at Company X. He usually sets his alarm for 6:30, thinking he'll jump out of bed, but then proceeds to hit the snooze alarm three or four times. By the time Bob is finally ready for the day and headed into work it's 7:45. Bob get's into work at about 8:03 and is immediately yelled at. "You're three minutes late!" Bob is pretty tired and proceeds to slowly walk to his desk where he feels like he can't get up to take a break for fear of it seeming like he is lazy, so he works continuously. When a co-worker comes to ask Bob a question, he snaps at them because they are taking him away from his work. This continues all afternoon until Bob leaves work at 5:00 exactly. He was counting the seconds until he could leave because he hated being there.

Meet John

John is also a middle-aged gentleman who works at Company Y. When John's alarm goes off at 6:00 he jumps out of bed and is out of the door by 6:45. He gets to work at 7:00 before anyone else. Why? He loves where he works. As his co-workers begin to trickle in, he greets them exuberantly. His boss encourages him and greets potential controversy with open arms viewing it as a challenge to be conquered. John attends various company-sponsored activities at lunch and he might even work out with his friends in the afternoon. At the end of the day, John doesn't want to go home: he loves work.

What's The Difference?

What's the difference in these two situations? Besides the fact that Bob seems to be in a much less than ideal situation, John works at a company where they TRY to engage him daily. By offering employee engagement activities throughout the day, Company Y is able to make John excited about work and LOOK FORWARD to coming into the office every day. We've seen it over and over: companies that seek to engage their employees have employees that don't want to engage with the company. It's simple, yet so many people often overlook it: the goal is to keep your employees engaged in order to make them happy because happy employees are productive employees.

Here's an interesting issue though: when it comes to engaging employees, most companies approach it in the worst way possible. They implement programs that only apply to a few people, aren't fun, and have nothing to do with what the employees are interested. This can sometimes be justified by the phrase "I don't have time", "We don't have the budget" or "We really don't think it's important (trust us, it is)." Luckily, the easiest way to engage your employees and make them your biggest fans may be one of the cheapest and least time-consuming. What is it? Fitness.

Engage Your Employees With Fitness

You have to keep your employee engagement ideas fresh and different in order to maintain interest. Why not mix it up by offering something to your employees that is entirely different from what they have seen? No, we're not talking about walking programs or boring seminars. We are talking about a social system of teams and challenges that keeps your employees engaged while also driving your employees' health. By offering customized fitness plans to your employees, you can accomplish so many of your goals: employee engagement ideas that REALLY engage your employees, employees that are healthy, motivated and productive, and, finally, you can do it all even if you are on a budget. It really is that simple.

You don't have to employ a bunch of "Bobs"; you can create and retain employees like "John" by using our program, Rival Fusion®. Interested in seeing how we can help you to engage your employees? Check out our program.

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