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Pete Durand, CEO of Rival Health


Employee Engagement starts with one person - are you ready to take a stand?

Ever feel like the task in front of you is just too big for the tools you have been given?   Daunting, overwhelming, impossible, etc...these words can work their way into every conversation regardless of the project or task.  Perhaps you must lead a new accounting software package, quality certification, benefit plan, wellness program or cost-cutting initiative.  Regardless of your role in your company rest assured that one person can make a difference.

  Why? We work with clients in both the public and commercial sectors.  Companies, especially rapidly growing hi-tech or consumer brand companies often have creative and employee centered cultures.  Profit can work wonders on a workspace, but often public entities face a more difficult challenge with oversight, political pressure and quite frankly, very challenging cultural environments.  Recent discussions with one public organization centered around how they expect every program to fail as their employees just don’t care, so they spent most of their contract negotiations on the out clauses, not the program design or implementation to drive success.  Not one person in the room said “We need to do this, so let’s focus on what it will take to be successful, not what it will take to get out of it!”  Despite these negative naysayers, we often find public entities that knock it out of the park.  What’s the difference?   One person.   One leader who dared to be different and actually cares about their employees, inspiring others who then pick up the flag and wave it...but it starts at the top.  If they care, others will as well.  One example:  A city/county government group we work with signed up 50% of their workforce right out of the gate with the CEO leading the charge, using the program and communicating his challenges and successes to the whole team.  The buzz this created in their organization is amazing –  the program team was inspired and feels value in their work because their CEO made it so.  Everyone is on board, succeeding and sharing.  Amazing how that works.

Are you willing to be the leader, at any level in your organization, to inspire change and carry it out?  Or are you happy with your mediocre existence and will never challenge the status quo?  I hope after reading this you dust off that business idea, plan a program you think your company should be doing and put it in motion – with passion and conviction to make a difference.


About Us

RivalHealth is a fitness-based wellness platform that engages employees with daily exercise and nutrition activities and sustains engagement through social interaction, challenges, incentives and outcomes.