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Joey DeRusso


Don't make your employee engagement activities mandatory

The first of the 8 do's and don'ts for employee engagement ideas is "Don't Make Employee Engagement Events Mandatory". Why? Let's be honest would you ever feel excited about going to an event that was mandatory? Probably not. We know that it is super tempting to do this. After all, the success of an event is usually judged on the amount of people who attended, but we want you think to think about success on a different scale: quality instead of quantify. Use the three ideas below to help you make your events successful.


Quality Vs. Quantity

Just like almost anything else in the world, quality is much better than quantity. Quality participants are those that are engaged and happy to be at your event. Those who are not are the "cross their arms at everything" type of participants. No matter what type of activity you have they will not be enthusiastic at all. This is why it is extremely important to not make events mandatory. If you do, the "cross their arms at everything" employees will show up, not have fun, and then talk negatively about the event to all of their coworkers. When the employees who were not able to attend ask about the event then all they will hear are negatives. You want people to positive; go for quality participants instead of sheer quantity.

Fun Employee Engagement Activities Will Increase Attendance

If something is fun people will want to come back, period. The idea sounds simple, but many people struggle with coming up with engaging ideas or events that their employees will love. That's okay. There is no exact science to it besides the idea of trial and error. You've got to try something before you know if it will work or not. An idea that you think no one will like could be the one that really gets people interested in coming to more events. Mix it up! Try something new! Keep it fun!

Don't Get Discouraged

For your first few events you might not have the attendance that you thought you would. Don't get discouraged! It is so important to keep setting up events for your employees. Solicit their feedback. Ask for their input. Let them know that you want to do things that they want to do (after all, these events are about your employees). If you let them know that their wants are the first priority, they will be much more likely to participate than if they thought you were arbitrarily making events.

Remember, whatever you do, don't make your events mandatory. 


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