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Joey DeRusso

Number three on our list of do's and don'ts for employee engagement ideas is...


Don't Use Movies As A Means To Promote Employee Team Building

Employee Engagement Activities

Why? Yes, movie events or a trip to the movies is an easy activity to organize for your employees but it doesn't yield the results that we expect from employee activities. You want something engaging. You want somethign fun. You want something that will make your employees like eachothter and the workplace more. Movie events are definitely not going to do this. You want people to interact with each other like in the picture above. To help you avoid this event, there are three different employee engagement activities that will help you to build your employees into a stronger team.

1.  Sport/Exercise-Related Activities

We strongly recommend doing an activity that gets employees moving. If they're moving, we assure you that they will be more engaged. 

To find out how to make this activity a success, check out: http://news.rivalhealth.com/blog/1-easy-employee-engagement-ideas-exercise-together

2. Employee Competitions

Want to bring out the best in someone? Have a competition. Vary the paramaters and goals to make the competitions most effective.

To get some good ideas for office competititions, check out: http://news.rivalhealth.com/blog/5-easy-employee-engagement-ideas-no-3-have-an-office-competition

3. Invite a Motivational Speaker

Inspiring your employees will make them work harder and stay more engaged with each other. Trust us we've seen the positive effects at our company.

To see how to do this effectively, check out: http://news.rivalhealth.com/blog/5-easy-employee-engagement-ideas-no-5-have-an-inspirational-speaker

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