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Julie Palmer

I had the pleasure of being a webinar presenter last week for RivalHealth. "Get Your Environment Right", the title of my presentation, prompted listeners to look at all aspects of their environment and discover areas where employee engagement can be improved. I love that RivalHealth, a corporate wellness company, understands the power behind employee engagement. Not only does RivalHealth use a variety of employee engagement strategies to meet the needs of our own employees- we also promote and educate our clients on employee engagement and the many ideas activities that go along with it - because we know the impact first hand. 

Employee Engagement Activities and Wellness

An organization with engaged employees is an organization who has less turnover, more sales, an increased market share, and greater profits. To turn it around, an organization that has more sales, increased market share, and greater profits have an even higher level of engaged employees. Sounds good, right? So how do you get there? The key is understanding your demographics. The 2014 Employee Engagement Survey reveals important information in regard to our employee's wants and needs. For instance did you know, women want leaders who value them versus men who are more interested in professional growth? How about the fact that your employees who are more educated and more engaged in their work. As well as your employees who are paid salary are more engaged than those paid hourly. By the way, your large organizations have the least engaged employees and your medium sized organizations saw the greatest decline in engagement in 2014. 

The truth is your employees, overall, agree that they lack confidence in your organization and are concerned with your commitment to making decisions that positively impact them. They are concerned with the fact that they are working harder with less and are not sure they are being fairly compensated for it. Your employees want you to communicate more clearly on all levels and by the way, your benefits are not meeting their family's needs.

A lot of information, right? Although I may not be able to fix it all, I do highly recommend a wellness program to meet several of your employees wants and needs. A wellness program provides many activities that will engage employees in the areas that they are concerned. Think about it. Offering a wellness program says to your employees, "I care about your well-being", "I value you and am investing in your success", and "I am committed to making good choices that positively affect you." RivalHealth has many clients who utilize wellness to increase their employee engagement and reap the positive benefits. If you would like to know more about how wellness can help increase employee engagement go to www.rivalhealth.com and request a demo. 

I hope I have at least educated you, perked your interest, and provided some direction in your search for the perfect employee engagement strategy that meets your team's wants and needs. Obviously a one size fits all strategy is not going to work! 





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RivalHealth is a fitness-based wellness platform that engages employees with daily exercise and nutrition activities and sustains engagement through social interaction, challenges, incentives and outcomes.