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Joey DeRusso

Why Your Employee Engagement Ideas Will Never Work...Without Employee buy-in.

Employee engagement ideas need to have employee buy-in

Yes it's true, employee engagement can sometimes seem impossible. You try and you try but no matter what you do you can't seem to reach everyone. From what we have seen, that is how it will always be; some people will avidly avoid any extracurricular activities related to work. Don't focus on those people and don't get discouraged by their lack of attendance or enthusiasm. Instead get the buy-in of the people who will come to your events. We've seen that the most successful employee engagement activities are those that employees like to do; these activities get employee buy-in.

Why do you need their buy in?

Let's face it, most activities that don't have employee buy-in will fail. Period. We've seen it over and over: employers THINK they know what will make their employees happy but when they implement an activity or program with the hopes of engaging their employees, it ends up doing the exact opposite. This is why all companies need the buy-in of the employees in order to have a successful employee engagement activity. When you get employee buy-in you've essentially created cheerleaders for you and your events; those delighted employees will bring other employees to future activities. We've seen that when companies do things that their employees like, engagement levels skyrocket.

How can you get their buy-in?

As I stated before, you can get employee buy-in by seeing what your employees want. If no one likes planting trees, then you shouldn't plan an activity around that. The more often that you do things related to your employees likes, the more often your employees will come to your events. You can even send out a survey to your employees so that they can provide their opinions about your future ideas or plans. Warning: if you make the survey anonymous, people will be very honest (in this case that is a good thing).

What do you do?

It's not complicated. Simply ask your employees what they want to do. More often than not they'll be happy to voice their opinions or concerns with what you are thinking. They may not give you the answer you want, but if you ask your employees for feedback on an idea before you implement it, you may have saved yourself from future frustration. 

If you approach your employee engagement ideas like this, you will be able to generate employee engagement as efficiently as RivalHealth does.

At RivalHealth, we have a very different approach to employee engagement. Our method involves getting your employees off of their feet, encouraging them to be active, and making them healthier. Want to learn more about how we can help you to engage your employees? Check out our thoughts here.

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