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Joey DeRusso

When someone says "team" what is the first thing you think of? Basketball? Football? Soccer? What do they all have in common? Exercise. The secret ingredient to a perfect team is exercise, preferably in groups. As exemplified by team sports, sweat makes the strongest teammates. How can you effectively implement team exercise in your company? Keep reading for three important tips. 

Best Employee Engagement Idea - Fitness

1. Solicit Workout Ideas from Employees

To achieve the best results from your employee engagement ideas, the employees should be involved in what they will be participating in. Don't force them to play basketball if they want to walk or vice versa. Employee input will guarantee your employee engagement activities are a success.


2. Make Workouts Fun with Employee Teams

Not everyone wants to admit it, but we all love a good challenge. Use this to your advantage when thinking of employee engagement ideas. Create teams and issue an exercise-related challenge. Offer the winning team a prize to make sure employees get involved. Make exercise fun!  


3. Mix Employee Exercise Up: Try Something Different!

Don't be monotonous. You will lose any engaged employees. Offer fun, new and exciting exercises and don't be afraid to try something different. If basketball isn't engaging for your employees try soccer. If walking programs and challenges don't work, try customized employee wellness solutions. Don't be afraid to change it up! 


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