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Patrick Dall'Occhio

 Tags: Exercise

As the song goes, the sun is mass of incandescent gas, a gigantic nuclear furnace. Staying sun safe while exercising is the best way to enjoy the beautiful weather without getting singed. Follow these do’s and don’ts like a backyard sundial follows the sun.

The Do’s: Drink fluids throughout the day like water, the easily available and original zero calorie beverage. Replacing any electrolytes lost while sweating is important, too, just make sure you’re not chugging a load of sugar in the bargain. Make sure you shield yourself with a hat, shades, and sunscreen when working out in the sunshine. Wear light-colored, breathable clothing as well. Your body cools itself with evaporation of perspiration. Keep the wardrobe loose for proper air circulation.

The Don’t ‘s: Don’t exercise in hottest parts of the day! Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in midday sun. Schedule your workouts for the early morning or late evening. Check that weather report and watch for heat advisories. If it’s not safe out there, go exercise indoors. And don’t continue to push yourself if you feel ill. Find a cool place, take a break, recharge, and stay safe to exercise another day.


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