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Julie Palmer

With a new year approaching quickly it is a good time to reflect on the last 12 months as well as plan for the next. What went well for your company this year? How can you improve the things that didn't go as well as you had wished? A good place to start might be with your employees. The happier they are the more engaged they will be. More engaged employees means better outcomes for your company. This New Year I have some resolutions that are guaranteed to improve your bottom line. 


1. Recognize your employees. Quantum Work Place shares a down loadable white paper with 40 ways to show your employees you love them. Ideas such as celebrating personal milestones, saying thank you, and asking your employee's opinion are all ways to recognize your employees. We know from the 2015 Employee Engagement Trends Report, that your employees feel undervalued. I am confident that putting forth effort toward recognizing your employees will have a rewarding and positive impact. 

2. Find ways to meet and exceed your employees needs. Humans have specific yet basic psychological needs that must be met in order to be engaged in their work. And you are just the person to meet them. Gallop says that managers account for at least 70% of the variation in employee engagement. It is likely time for a little psychology 101! 

3. Get with the now. Are you evolving with the times? Did you know it is nearly 2016?! Your millennials do and they have a gift for you. Technology. Just because you may not be comfortable with the latest cloud storage or Windows 10 doesn't mean that your employees aren't either. You hire talented people for a reason. Let them help you help your company evolve. There are many ways you can get current with the times- just look at some of the business giants who are making more money than they know what to do with. Uh-hem, Facebook. 

4. Change your workplace culture. Look around. What do you see? Is the environment esthetically pleasing? Does your break room offer filtered water and healthy snacks? Is there a place to destress and/or get some exercise? Do you offer flex schedules? Are your employees smiling? Laughing? If you have answered "no" to any of these questions it may be affecting your employees morale and overall level of engagement. This year resolve to changing your workplace culture to one that your team enjoys coming to and being in. 

So, go ahead. Make your New Years resolutions. These ideas will form the foundation for a winning year for you, your employees, and your company. Now these are the kind of resolutions you can keep! 




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