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Joey DeRusso

Number six on our list of do's and don'ts for employee engagement ideas is...

Offer Outdoor Employee Engagement Activities

Take your employee engagement activities outside

Why? In most workplaces employees are stuck inside all day. Why not do something that gets them up and moving? Get them out of the office and get them active. We have seen dramatic increases in both engagement and employee relationships when there is some kind of outdoor activity involved. These activities will help your employees to see that their coworkers are awesome people that actually have personalities.  To help get you started on your quest to implement more engaging employee activities, here are two ideas that you can take outside!

Invite your employees to go on a walk during lunch

Instead of your employees eating individually, spark some team bonding. Invite everyone to go for a thirty minute walk around your workplace. Positive employee interactions and conversations will ensue and relationships will be built. These relationships will help your employees to feel comfortable with each other and excited about work in general.

Participate in a local run/walk

These activities are all over the place and the best thing about them is that there is almost no setup on your part. All you have to do is set up a team and invite your employees to join. Set a fundraising goal and then go after it! Not only will your employees bond through physical and outdoor activity but they will also be able to come together to support a great cause.

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