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Julie Palmer

Life hacking- "the act of making small tweaks to everyday activities in effort to make them easier and more efficient"- Urban Dictionary. Naturally, without much thought, we do this on a regular basis, right? I mean just today I cleaned out and organized my Drop Box files so I could more efficiently find what I am looking for and yesterday I set up a Slack account to easily communicate with my non-profit volunteer team. It only makes sense to do some life hacking in today's world of crazy busy and totally overwhelmed. So why not apply this to wellness? Surely there are life hacks that can make healthy living easier, right? Check out these seven wellness life hacks that will make you more efficient at healthy living!


1. Give up your weekday cocktails. I know, I know, you deserve that glass of wine simply for making it through the day. But, the fact is, it is extra calories that you don't need and it may be disrupting your sleep. Just one glass of wine or a beer per day can add up to an extra pound of weight each month. That means 12 pounds per year. Now listen, if your best friend calls on Wednesday and says, "meet me for a glass of wine tonight, my kids are making me crazy", by all means GO! Just be sure to make up for it by adding 15 minutes to your workout the next day. 

2. Kill two birds with one stone. There are all sorts of ways to get in a workout while accomplishing something else at the same time. My favorite combo used to be while my kids were at sporting practices. It drove me crazy to see all those parents sitting in the stands chit chatting, Facebooking, reading a magazine, sleeping, or worse yelling at their kid to perform better. Surely these would be the same adults who would swear up and down, in a coaching session, that they didn't have time to exercise. Really? Have you heard of an urban workout? If you haven't you're missing out. You can also workout while watching TV, cleaning, gardening, mowing the lawn, and while spending time with friends. All it takes is some creativity.

3. Wash and fold your exercise clothes in sets. Keep them in a drawer where you can grab and go. When you unpack your gym bag, repack it right away. This way it is ready to go at anytime you can hit the gym. 

4. Hang out with people who will exercise with you. Spending time with friends and family is important for wellness, just as important as exercise, so why not do them together? Hitting the trail for a run gives you all kinds of time to catch up and share the latest greatest. An hour later and you got in a great run and your social time. 


5. Include a checklist of snacks for the office on your grocery list. It could include almonds, apples, bananas, rice crackers, Kind bars, and if you have a fridge this checklist can double with yogurt, carrots, hummus, and tons of other options. This will ensure that you always have a healthy snack at work and keep you from making poor choices when lunch comes and you are starving! The key is to never let your stash get low! 

6. Keep a pantry essentials checklist inside the pantry door. When someone uses the last of an item they write it down on the list. This way, when you have time to hit the grocery store your list is already started. 

7. As a rule of thumb drink only water. If you haven't heard yet, fruit juice does not have any health benefits and drinking soda is killing you. Now, this doesn't mean you can't have your morning cup of coffee or an occasional lemonade on a hot day, it simply means for the most part drink water. Water has too many health benefits to list. That is a whole other blog! 

None of these life hacks are rocket science. Anyone can do them. With this list, I hope I have generated some other ideas for making wellness easier and more convenient. If you have suggestions please comment below! 




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