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Julie Palmer

 Tags: fitness tips

If you are struggling to stay on your wellness journey you are likely going it alone. Without a crony. A partner in crime. A buddy. Someone who is on the journey with you. Or maybe you have the wrong sidekick. The fact of the matter is, people who exercise together are 95% more likely to be successful in meeting their goals. Let's face it, very few people are motivated alone. Why do you think fitness classes are so popular? Because the participants feed off of each other's energy! So, who is the right crony and why are they instrumental in your success? Keep reading...


1. Find an exercise partner who is a bit more fit and experienced in the world of exercise. Maybe you played sports in college and remember the feeling of stepping up your game when competing against someone better than you? It is the same with exercise. If someone is just a little bit faster, or a little bit stronger, you will push yourself harder.

2. Find an exercise partner who can exercise at the same times. Maybe you can't connect everyday, but if you have a few days a week scheduled together it will keep you moving and motivated. On your off days, have a plan to do your workout on your own so you don't fall behind. 

3. Find an exercise partner who is willing to experiment with different forms of exercise. Trying new classes, new equipment, and new environments will help you to find your nitch. You have to enjoy what you are doing or you will never stick to it! Plus, changing it up keeps it exciting and your body always guessing.

4. Find an exercise partner you like! Sounds like a no brainer but spending time with someone who is also a friend kills two birds with one stone. Getting in your friend time while being active at the same time is boss! This is how you create life-balance!

5. Find an exercise partner who balances wellness in all areas of his or her life. Your partner in crime should be someone you can swap recipes with, sign up for a race, enjoy a healthy meal, or engage in a conversation about self improvement. This relationship nourishes your need for overall wellness in and out of the gym. It puts you and keeps you in the frame of mind to make wellness who you are and what you do. 

If you don't already have a crony or partner in crime, take a look around you. Is there anyone you admire or wish you were more like? Reach out to them and tell them you are interested in being more fit. Ask them how they do it. Get to know them. Have a genuine interest in their journey. Eventually you'll find the right wing man/woman who keeps you honest and motivated. It is all history after that. 




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