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Kiki Walker

I’m often asked about artificial sweeteners. Which ones would I recommend? Which ones are best for me? Which ones will satisfy my sweet tooth? Will it help me lose weight if I use artificial sweetener instead of sugar?

The answer to all of these questions is simply: stay away! The fact is: these lab-created products were created by a chemist working with cool tar, a carcinogenic material! What? Researchers have found these no-cal taste enhancers are responsible for undue health risks without living up to their promise of aiding in losing weight. Below is a list of tricks sweeteners pull:


Tricks your taste buds! Exposing your taste buds to these very sweet chemicals makes them less receptive to natural sources of sweetness, such as fruit.

Tricks your gut! Your gut gets confused when you consume zero-calorie-but-super-sweet artificial sweeteners. Your brain sends signals to your stomach when it thinks something high calorie is on its way, so your gut prepares for it! But when the no-cal artificial sweeteners arrives, your body does not know how to utilize it efficiently and your hunger signals become highly confused!

Tricks your hormones! When the signals get confused and your gut prepares for a high calorie food, your pancreas automatically releases insulin. Oh no….. the release of insulin spikes your blood sugar and increases your cravings!

Tricks you to overeat! The way these chemicals feel in your mouth can actually influence you to over eat. Our human ability to match our caloric intake with our caloric need is real! High fat, high sugar foods tend to taste both sweet and dense, again sending the message to your brain that something high calorie is on its way! So when this thinner substance is consumed you are not as satisfied and will tend to overeat!

Americans have a sugar addiction! I am hopeful our society is becoming more aware and trying to take hold of this obsession – but the problem is sugar hides under so many mystery names. I think it’s safe to say artificial sweeteners should be eliminated from our diets. Unfortunately they are found in most sodas, pudding, tabletop sugar substitutes, chewing gum, bread, etc. If something is labeled “low fat or non-fat” most likely you will find an artificial sweetener lurking! Aspartame (Equal & NutraSweet), sucralose (Splenda), neotame, acesulfame potassium, saccharin, and yes the evil high fructose corn syrup, just to name a few! Side effects from artificial sweeteners range from migraines to possibly being the cause of many serious illnesses!

Bottom line -- Eat real food! When that sweet tooth hits, instead of grabbing a sugar filled treat or a product filled with dangerous artificial sweeteners, bite into an apple, pop some grapes or roast some root veggies – I promise your brain will learn to crave these natural and delicious sweets! Be your healthiest you! It’s a lifestyle!




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