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Pete Durand, CEO of Rival Health



Wellness or well-being – perhaps these terms are interchangeable.  Regardless of the proper term, the goal of

 wellness is to improve the health of your employees and their families. RivalHealth-Logo-09302014-1

Yes, reducing costs is an important part of any wellness initiative but if sustaining a program is desired the goal must go beyond cost to truly helping people live better.  Executives and Administrators must get in the game in order to make a difference.  Sitting on the sideline won’t get it done…so if you are reading this blog and you have a role in well-being, what’s it gonna be?  Will you get in the game or are you going to sit it out?  Once in the game you must figure out how to score.  No points for “participation”, as much as the industry wants us to think that is enough, we should only earn points for improving health, real health.  How do you keep score?  By simply logging footsteps or % participation in health assessments?  Ask yourself if these initiatives work, but then again, you already know the answer.  Why not look for real change, ask more of your company and your employees by leading them down the path of true well-being.  It must start at the physical layer, with vigorous exercise and proper nutrition – setting the foundation for the other important aspects such as mental, emotional, and financial health, which leads to lower stress and meaningful relationships.  To win, you must keep score and work to improve year over year using a simple metric, the repercussion of which everyone understands both numerically and philosophically.  Fitness is the answer and at the same time the metric.  Ask us how we can help…