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Julie Palmer

Although I am not much into New Years Resolutions, I am a firm believer of fresh starts. The fact is, certain days of the year we are psychologically more inclined to start over. Make a clean slate. The New Year is one of those days with 45% of American's making a resolution to change something in their lives for the better. Unfortunately only 1 in 3 people stay true to their resolutions past January. Interestingly, 66% of those who set a resolution base it on improving their fitness and/or weight. The second most common resolution is to improve personal financial health. 

Resolving to improve your health whether it be physical or financial, if successful, is likely to have a positive ripple effect on other areas of your life as well. As an employer you too have a stake in this. Your healthy employees are an asset to your business. They are more productive, happier at work, foster good morale around the office, and cost you less in health care. So how can you help your employees keep successful resolutions? 


Knowing that 66% of resolvers want to improve their fitness and/or weight, a big help would be to support their good health at work. Follow these tips to encourage successful New Year resolutions. 

1. Invest in wellness. If you haven't invested in wellness yet, it is time. Just like your employee's resolutions positively affecting other areas of their lives, wellness at work will positively affect your company. Whether you contract with a wellness vendor or have someone on staff, getting started now will help your employees stay true to their resolutions. 

2. Weave wellness in to the fabric of your business. This means making wellness a part of what you do. Center your team building around physical activities, encourage walking meetings, serve healthy food at meetings and events, encourage employees to organize group activities such as volleyball and walking clubs, and encourage vacation time. These changes begin to change the look and feel of your work environment.

3. Make your own resolutions around wellness. If you, a leader in your organization, is making healthy changes your team members will notice. Not only are you encouraging those around you by walking the talk, you are also letting your team know that wellness is the new norm at the office. Your employees will likely be more apt to take a break and go for a walk if they see you doing it. Now, if you are getting healthy and you are supporting successful resolutions for your team, just think of the powerful benefits your business will reap? 

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