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We create a personalized plan for each user – EVERY day



By challenging everyone appropriately and progressing their fitness at the right pace we ensure that users are able to participate and engaged for the long term.


Exercise is not something you can do for 90 days then stop, nor can it become repetitive.  Activity tracking is a step in the right direction (pun intended), but for sustained success; cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, core, and flexibility training and recovery routines need to be served up in the right dose at the right time. Rival evolves as our users do.


We start with profile questions that help us meet users where they are.

We then ask about their goals, what exercises they like to do and equipment they may have access to.

From there we build a daily plan that maps to their nutrition plan, ensuring they receive the proper foods in the right amount to fuel their exercise plan.

As the user advances we continually change up their daily plan to avoid the dreaded “plateau” that is so common in diets and generic exercise plans.





Larry has never really liked to exercise because he always found it “too hard”. Gyms are intimidating and all of the at home workouts seem to be designed for people who are already in good shape. 

Even though Larry’s been consistently adding a little weight every year for the last decade, he’s somehow managed to ignore the impact it’s had on his performance at work and at home.

Ignorance was bliss until he was on vacation with his family and wasn’t allowed on a theme park ride because the safety bar wouldn’t go all the way down on him. For the first time in his life, his physical condition was preventing him from spending time with his family. 

Larry knows that his time to act is now, but doesn’t know what to do. He’s ready for a change, because he’s seen the impact that not making one can have. 

Luckily, Larry’s employer introduces him to RivalHealth through their monthly benefits newsletter, and he thinks that this may be what he’s been looking for - help. Larry registers, in minutes, and is immediately presented with his first week’s exercise schedule. 

Walk 30 minutes? Stabilizing exercises, like weightless squats? All of a sudden Larry isn’t so intimidated. He thinks to himself, that these are things that he can do right now. What he doesn’t realize is that doing these things consistently is what drives meaningful change. 

3 months later Larry has progressed into 30-minute, medium intensity workouts, 3 days a week. 

Larry sure has lost some of that weight that’s been adding up, but more importantly to him he feels better and everyone around him is beginning to take notice of the “New Larry”.




Annie has always tried to stay active but the demands of her life are starting to catch up with her. Balancing a successful career and a growing family has always required sacrifices but she’s starting to question if her health is a viable sacrifice. The desire to be healthy has always been there but it’s always been a chore to try and figure out what activities are most effective given her limited available time.

For Annie, it’s not as easy staying as healthy as she once did, and she’s at a point where she knows she can’t do it on her own.

Annie’s co-worker tells her about RivalHealth one morning at the coffee machine, after Annie complimented his recent weight loss. Not only did he lose 20 pounds, but he also earned $250 from their employer! Annie’s intrigued so she signs on to her company’s benefits portal and registers for RivalHealth.

Almost instantly Annie is searching through the suggested exercises that have been presented to her and watching some of the videos. Not only do these exercises look effective and quick; they look FUN!

Within weeks Annie is not only feeling great, but she’s also very relieved that she didn’t have to deprioritize her health to accomplish her other goals. Annie is now able to work out 4-5 days a week without cutting into her precious family time.




Frank is a young super-star for Sales Co. and always looking to perform his best. Frank has always exceeded expectations at work and he views his relationship with his employer as one of partnership and mutual benefit. Performance for Frank is measured 24/7/365, and extends beyond work to his personal life and health.

Recently Frank has been approached by a competitor to help them grow their business. Frank is quite interested in the opportunity given that it provides more responsibility and compensation, but he’s also very thorough and asks about their benefits. What the hiring manager is unaware of is that Frank has been a daily user of the RivalHealth since he started working at Sales Co. 

Sales Co. made the strategic investment in RivalHealth because they had the foresight to recognize the negative impact that someone like Frank leaving would have on the organization. 

Frank views his access to RivalHealth as a key benefit to him, as it enables him to maximize his health and fitness levels, without spending a ton of time and money in a gym with a personal trainer and nutritionist. 

Instead of departing for the competition, Frank decides to pass on the opportunity after careful consideration and analysis. 

For Frank, it didn’t just come down to the salary. He realized that Sales Co truly was committed to his long-term success, and by making tools like RivalHealth available to him, he concluded that he wanted to partner with a company that cares about his long-term success above his short-term output.