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We create a personalized meal plan for each user – EVERY day.



Nutrition plans that are highly personalized around someone’s lifestyle and preferences are more engaging and effective. We aim to take the personalization and impact of an on-site nutritionist and scale those results across enormous, disparate populations


Fad diets don’t work, because they’re not sustainable.  Healthy eating is not something you do to lose weight so you can go back to unhealthy eating.   Successful healthy eaters balance proper nutrition, modest indulgences and common sense portions.   They also understand that truly healthy food tastes great, fuels your body for activity and helps you think, feel and perform better.   The challenge – sending a chef with a meal plan to everyone’s home is just not scalable…but we give each employee just that, their own personal guide.


We start with profile questions that identify any existing food allergies, aversions and preferences, as well as current and target weight. Since 80% of weight loss/gain is determined by nutritional intake, weight goals play an important part in determining ideal daily caloric intake.

3 healthy meals and snacks are served up, along with a full ingredient list, recipe, and nutritional facts every day. 

Users are able to create, share and print meal plans, shopping lists and recipes on a per-meal or aggregate basis; up to a week in advance.

The Rival menu “learns”.   As users provide feedback on a meal or snack we remember these choices and make them more readily available. As the user’s weight, or the types of exercise, frequency or goals change, their meal plan is adjusted accordingly.  Our tech team calls it Dynamic Energy Gap Synchronization – we just call it “really cool”.





Diana has always wanted to eat right but feels that this has become a goal that she is not capable of due to past failed attempts. Every time that Diana tried to make changes in what she ate, she found herself quickly defaulting back to her bad choices. It wasn’t that Diana didn’t want to or try to change, it was that when she tried to make changes, she was unsure of what choices to make, quickly intimidated by all of her options, and therefore doomed to failure in her mind. 

One day, while out to lunch with a colleague, Diana noticed her friend checking her phone prior to ordering while looking at the menu. After asking what she was looking at, Diana’s friend started gushing about a new company benefit called RivalHealth. 

To Diana, this was what she was looking for without ever having realized it. No longer would Diana be unsure and intimidated about making healthy food choices. She now had a tool that gave her a meal plan, recipes, and shopping lists so that she could make sustainable behavioral changes. Fearing an overwhelming restaurant menu became a thing of the past because she could now look at a menu with healthy ideas in mind to look for and seek out. 

Days, weeks and months later the RivalHealth app became her first stop in her morning routine and a place to check in throughout the day. Diana is not only living healthier thanks to a nutritious eating plan, but the anxiety that had become part of eating has gone away and she can now truly enjoy eating.




Gary likes to eat right, by making healthy choices when cooking or eating out, but it doesn’t seem to be working as he’s consistently been putting on weight over the years in a manner consistent with someone who doesn’t make healthy choices. What Gary doesn’t know (or at least realize) is that how much he eats is as important as what he eats.

After being introduced to RivalHealth by his office RivalRouser, he tries the app out to see if it has anything to offer. He quickly finds that the personalized menu plan suggests food that he’s already eating, but in much smaller portions.

After learning that the personalized nutrition plans is specifically tailored to him and his goals, he decides to follow the program for a week.

Almost instantly, Gary started feeling more productive during the day and sleeping better at night. It didn’t take Gary a week to decide this is the tool that will enable him to achieve his goals, and within 6 months he had hit his weight goal and felt healthier and more energetic than he could ever recall.




Food has always played a large role in Fran’s life as she was raised in a household where food was used to bring everyone together. Fresh versus processed or how much of something to eat have never been hard decisions for Fran.

At the same time Fran’s career and family are starting to take off and it’s having a negative impact on what she eats. The desire to make good choices has not disappeared, it’s just that there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to make exclusively healthy choices for her and her family.

Deep down Fran knows that she is compromising her and her family’s health, but doesn’t want to fully admit because she’s not sure that she can do anything about it. She just doesn’t have the time to plan multiple healthy meals every single day. 

Luckily, Fran’s employer introduced her to RivalHealth at their last All Hands Meeting.

Suddenly Fran has access to 1,000’s of healthy recipes and a weekly shopping list that actually save her more time than if she were to go on as-is.

Fran is thrilled that she can eat healthy, again, but elated that she can imprint healthy eating habits on her family without having to make any sacrifices. She recently posted about her experience on RivalBuzz and has been asked to be a RivalRouser so that she can help other colleagues make healthy eating decisions.