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Carolyn Willbanks

Risk factors that impact safety can contribute to employee health problems, and health issues can impact an employee’s ability to safely perform at the highest levels. Savvy executives are finding that addressing both safety and health as a combined total wellness program is more effective than each approach taken separately.


Best Achieved in Concert

Many employers make the mistake of viewing their safety programs and workplace wellness programs as two distinct silos. Companies implementing incentive programs that allows wellness and safety to work in concert have many advantages. This approach saves thousands of dollars in duplicated systems and programs, and reduces management/staff requirements. It also provides greater adherence by rewarding individuals when they meet joint programs goals and complete rewardable activities.


Workplace health programs can lead to positive changes at both the employee and the organization levels. For individuals, these programs have the potential to encourage healthy behaviors that reduce risks for injury and disease, and reward disease management adherence. For organizations, workplace health programs have the potential to impact areas such as health care costs, absenteeism, productivity, recruitment/retention, culture and employee morale. Activities incorporated in workplace health protection and promotion reflect a wide range of functions and goals. Examples include assessing worker health status; addressing personal health risks; the early recognition and treatment of injury or illness; job safety initiatives and efforts to create cultures of health and safety; and behavioral health and environmental safety initiatives.


When the two factors, personal health and personal safety – each essential to a productive worker and to a productive workplace – are effectively combined in a symbiotic manner supported by a powerful incentive program that drives success, employers, employees and their families all benefit from the prevention of disease and injury.


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